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1 Months Tricolopure Men Actives Capsules



Same ingredients as Nourkrin Man, but more than twice as strong*!


TricolopureŽ Men Actives - Helping to create and maintain a healthy head of hair.


TricolopureŽ Men Actives is a nutriant rich supplement designed to improve the health of hair follicles to reduve and even reverse hair loss.

The high strength forumla in TricolopureŽ Men Actives contains the nutrients, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that the hair follicles require to create healthy hair growth and positively influence the bodies hormone balance to reverse hair loss and thinning specifically in males. Clinically proven to work, TricolopureŽ Men Actives has been proven to halt hair loss and reverse previous hair loss in many trials, most of which have utilised only a half strength formula(conducted on competitor products).

* Please note - Tricolopure MenActives contains twice the quantity of active ingredients as Nourkrin Men, but is not necessarily twice as effective. "Twice as strong" refers to the quantity of ingredients and therefore the strength of the tablets, not the effect or end result.

TricolopureŽ Men Actives:

  • More than 2 times the srength of Nourkrin Man (in terms of quantity of ingredients)
  • Scientifically proven to reduce and even reverse hair loss
  • Able to create dramatic improvements within 1 month
  • An internal solution that tackles hair loss and Male Pattern Baldness at its root cause
  • Not an external solution that merely temporarily eases the problem
  • The strongest natural hairloss solution available (much stronger than Nourkrin)
  • Realistically priced (a 1 month bottle contains the same amount of active ingredients as more than 2 packs of Nourkrin Man*!)

Tricolopure Men Actives Hair Loss Capsules

Over the past 14 years numerous studies have been conducted investingating the effectiveness of the TricolopureŽ Men Actives formula and particularly it's main active ingredient: A Marine derived source of Protein and Polysaccharides. The results have proven conclusively that TricolopureŽ Men Actives Hair Loss Capsules can prevent and even reverse hair loss in men regardless of cause. In fact, in one study of men suffering from hereditary androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), a course of six months of treatment with only part of the TricolopureŽ Men Actives formula at half strength resulted in 95% of the patients being completely cured of hair loss and an increase in hair count by an average of 38%(1). Further studies have generated equally impressive results.

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