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Triple Strength Garcinia Cambogia (1500mg x 180 tablets)


Triple Strength Garcinia Cambogia (1500mg x 180 tablets)

"... 180 x 1500mg Garcinia Cambogia tablets - triple the mg strength for a fraction of the high street price "

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Garcinia Cambogia - the plant extract taking the world by storm

Triple Strength Garcinia Cambogia is the strongest Garcinia supplement we've ever made. With 1500mg of 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia extract per tablet, and 65% HCA, no other is as strong.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

A plant native in India that produces a small fruit similar in appearance to a pumpkin, and an extract being made famous by the millions of people talking about it across the internet.

As a company we pride ourselves on standing behind every product we make as being the strongest we could source and offering real world results. We do not sell gimmicks or over hyped supplements. Garcinia Cambogia has attracted a lot attention, from customers, from the media, and even on TV but we do not make any claims, instead we focus on delivering the best possible version of this popular supplement.

When we set out on a mission to make the best Garcinia Cambogia product we could, we decided the only way we could add value was to make it stronger than any other. With that in mind we made our tablets 1500mg in strength compared with the usual 100mg to 500mg, and we had it standardised to contain 65% hydroxycitric acid (HCA) compared with the usual 40%.

While there are other supplements containing 1500mg of Garcinia Cambogia, and other supplements containing 65% HCA, we think to date we are the only ones offering both in one.

Why buy from us:

We pride ourselves on giving you the best quality products for optimum results and maximum value.

We make no ridiculous claims and we do not sell over hyped products. In fact, we make no claim at all about what the product may or may not do. Instead, when we create a product we focus solely on delivering the best possible version of the supplement we can. We look at the competition around us, not to copy them, but to make an ever better product. We take popular products and put more of the active ingredients in each tablet while still being safe. You will find that many of our ingredients are included in up to 2-5 times the quantity than most other similar products… offering the best value for money and the best possible chance of achieving the results you want from your supplements.

We never make any wild claims and only provide the strongest product we can source.
Our product contains 1500mg per tablet of genuine plant extract, compare this to most others which are typically between just 100mg and 500mg
Standardised to contain 65% HCA per tablet. Tested and verified. This is the strongest potency of HCA that we could find.
180 tablets per bottle - at a high strength dose of 9000mg per day (6 tablets), they will last an entire month. A lower strength dose (that is still stronger than most other supplements) of 3000mg per day (2 tablets) they will last 3 months.
Made to ISO and GMP standards in approved facilities.

A guide to buying Garcinia Cambogia

With any new product that takes the world by storm in the way Garcinia Cambogia has, it stands to reason that with demand comes supply. In this case lots and lots of it. This product is starting to pop up everywhere now and by never before heard of companies. Unfortunately not all supplements are created equal and though we would of course rather you purchase ours, here is a list of things to look out for when making your selection.

A lot of Garcinia Cambogia studies and articles written suggest that the weight loss effects may come solely from the HCA content. Make sure when purchasing that the product explicitly states the percentage of HCA. If it doesn’t state any it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is without HCA, rather that the HCA is not standardised, meaning it could be anywhere from 0% to 65%.
Unscrupulous advertising doesn’t lend itself well to good customer service or the likelihood of being supplied genuine or high quality product. While there have been some celebrities, scientists and Doctors coming out in support of Garcinia Cambogia, stay away from any companies claiming they have


Serving Size: 2 tablets
Per 1 Tablet:

1500mg Garcinica Cambogia
Standardised to contain 65% Hydroxycitric Acid

Additional ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Sucralose, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, Cellulose
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