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Triple Strength Raspberry Ketones


Triple Strength Raspberry Ketones - with Acai and Resveratrol (1500mg x 180 tablets)

"... The most amount of Raspberry Ketones in one tablet - 1500mg, and a fraction of the usual price "

Triple Strength Raspberry Ketones 1500mg Tablets - 180 per bottle (3 months supply)

Triple Strength Raspberry Ketones is the most potent Raspberry Ketone supplement we've ever made. With 1200mg of 100% pure Raspberry Ketone extract, along with 200mg Resveratrol and 100mg Acai Berry per tablet, this is our strongest yet.

What are Raspberry Ketones and what do they do?

Raspberry Ketones are a natural phenolic compound responsible for the aroma in raspberries, they are completely natural, and are being made famous by the millions of people raving across the internet about their miraculous fat burning abilities. Raspberry Ketones contain a hormone called adiponectin which regulates glucose levels as well as fatty acid breakdown.

When in abundance, the hormone adiponectin may cause your body to no longer consume glucose, rather it will burn stored fat for energy and help you feel satiated between meals.

We make no claims

As a company we pride ourselves on standing behind every product we make as being the strongest we could source but we do not make any claims about what the product can do.

We do not sell gimmicks or over hyped supplements. Raspberry Ketones has attracted a lot of attention across the internet and media and from celebrities endorsing it on TV but we do not make any claims. Instead we simply created a product that contains the most amount of the active ingredients possible in one tablet. If you're in the market for a Raspberry Ketone supplement that offers very high value for money and a very high quantitiy of active ingredients per tablet, this could be the one for you.

When we set out on a mission to make the best Raspberry Ketone product we could, we decided that we could add value in two ways; one was to make it stronger than any other, and the other was to include some additional complimentary ingredients that might assist in weight loss. With that in mind we made our tablets 1500mg in strength compared with the usual 100mg to 500mg, with 1200mg of Raspberry Ketone and 200mg Resveratrol and 100mg Acai Berry per tablet.

While there are other supplements containing high doses of Raspberry Ketone, and other supplements containing Resveratrol and Acai Berry, we think to date we are the only ones offering a product of such high strength.

Why buy from us:

Triple Strength Raspberry Ketone is supplied by a reputable family owned business founded almost 10 years ago and built on a back bone of hard work and exceptional documented customer service.
We never make any wild claims and only provide the strongest product we can source.
Our product contains 1200mg per tablet of genuine Raspberry Ketones, compare this to most others which are typically between just 100mg and 500mg Tested and verified. This is the strongest potency of this powerful compound that we know of available today.
Contains additional ingredients that compliment the Raspberry Ketones, these are Resveratrol and Acai Berry
You would need to eat 1080lbs of raspberries in order to get the same dose as a single tablet 180 tablets per bottle - at a high strength dose of 2400mg of Raspberry Ketones per day (2 tablets), they will last 3 months.
Made to ISO and GMP standards in approved facilities.

A guide to buying Raspberry Ketone supplements

With any new product that takes the world by storm in the way Raspberry Ketones have, it stands to reason that with demand comes supply. In this case lots and lots of it. This product is starting to pop up everywhere now and by never before heard of companies. Unfortunately not all supplements are created equal and though we would of course rather you purchase ours, here is a list of things to look out for when making your selection.

A lot of Raspberry Ketones products are sold by unscrupulous internet marketers who will try to con you into spending more money than you realise. They do this by a process known as “re-billing” in which they hide the fine print that states they will charge your card $100 a month unless you cancel. Cancelling is often made incredibly difficult. This is particularly true with companies offering just one product and available on a free trial basis. You will almost always be asked for your credit card despite the offer supposedly being free. Sometimes this is disguised as being needed to confirm age or address, or to pay for a nominal shipping charge. However, in more than 95% of cases it was found that websites like these had hidden clauses in the almost impossible to find small print that allowed for repeat charging of your credit card. Be extremely aware of these practises.
Misleading advertising doesn’t lend itself well to good customer service or the likelihood of being supplied genuine or high quality product. While there have been numerous celebrities, scientists and Doctors coming out in support of Raspberry Ketones, stay away from any companies claiming they have a miracle pill for weight loss. While Raspberry Ketones do seem to work, and extremely well by almost all accounts, it is unlikely a miracle pill. Exercise and diet are still needed and some people will not notice results with the supplements. It is an unfortunate fact of life that some people just do not respond in the way others do and this has to be taken into consideration. Companies claiming otherwise may not be trustworthy.
Similar to point 2, companies are now popping up claiming to to be affiliated with TV personalities and the famous Dr. Oz. While Dr. Oz did run a feature on Raspberry Ketones, he is not affiliated with any company and he does not sell Raspberry Ketone products. During his TV feature, he did not mention any particular product or brand name. There are some companies claiming to be THE Dr. Oz Raspberry Ketones, or as having been featured specifically during or “as seen on” the Dr. Oz show. This kind of marketing is deceitful and suggests that the companies doing so may not be trustworthy.
The cost of making quality Raspberry Ketones supplements is high. In order to attain a concentrated dose, the berries must go through a lot of processing. This does not come cheap. The more processing and refining of the raspberries down to the constituent active compound, the further the costs climb. Raspberry Ketones sold for under £10 a bottle either contains a very low mg per tablet, very low quality, very few tablets, or a combination of the three. What may seem like good value may therefore turn out to be a waste of money.
Be aware of the strength of tablet you are buying. In order to make people think they are receiving a high strength supplement, a lot of companies have taken to advertising the mg dosage amount as though it were the mg tablet amount. For example, 3 tablets at 300mg is 300mg, but rather than stating the product as 100mg tablets, the product might be advertised as 300mg. It isn’t until you read the fine print on the back of the label that you realise you didn’t buy 60 tablets of 300mg, instead you bought just a fraction of that.


Serving Size: 2 tablets

Per 1 Tablet:
1200mg Raspberry Ketones
200mg Resveratrol (standardised to contain 100mg of trans-resveratrol)
100mg Acai Berry (standardised 10:1 extract, equivalent of 1000mg of Acai Berry Fruit)

Additional ingredients:
Magnesium Stearate, Sucralose, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, Cellulose

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